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Canada work permit:

Canada which had a transformation from a rural economy to an urban economical industry is now the most preferred country by many international skilled workers from different parts of the world. Canada plays a major role in the exporting and importing industry in the world. We can say that it is a considerable when a highly skilled worker wishes to work and settle in Canada to lead a life of quality. Canada is a part of one those countries who is looking forward for immigrants from foreign countries.
For a skilled worker who wants to work and settle in Canada for temporary source, should attain a temporary work permit by the employment by the ESDC (Employment and Social Development of Canada).

Steps for processing temporary work permit:

• The foreign skilled worker should apply for Labor Market Impact Assessment, if necessary
• The job offer is extended by the employer
• Skilled workers apply for work permit
• Work permit is issued

MoreVisas a visa consultancy which will help their clients by giving them the required information about the visa and assisting them in processing the visa.

Required documents to attain Canada work permit:

• Valid passport with minimum of 2 blank pages
• Photographs which meet the specific requirements
• Character certificate
• Offer letter from the employer
• Work experience
• Police clearance
• Proof to show that the employee can fulfill their requirement
• Financial statements

The spouse of the skilled worker is also allowed to work in Canada. They will also have to apply for a work permit where they also should meet all rules as the skilled worker did which also includes the Labor Market Impact Assessment. Your spouse may be able to apply for Open work permit, which will let them accept any job given by any employer only if you are allowed to work in Canada for minimum of six months or more.

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  1. I got my Canada student visa with the help of Morevisas. It offered excellent guidance and awesome assistance to me through all the phases. Thanks to the whole team.

  2. Lots of thanks to Morevisas for helping me out in getting UK student visa. I would remember you and will never forget your help throughout my life. Many thanks to the whole team.

  3. I am planning to move Canada the next month for Christmas and New Year vacation, will me please help me out with the best visa option and application process.

  4. I am happy with the services that have been provided to me by Morevisas consultancy. They processed my Canada visa successfully and even explained me the entire process as to how it is done.

    1. Federal Skilled Worker, federal trade worker, Canada experience class and provincial nomination programs are the few programs that are eligible under Canada express entry.

  5. I have a dream of relocating to Canada through skilled worker class of the country. Whether full-time employment experience is the essential requirement under the Skilled Worker Class?

    1. Yes chetan, all prospective applicants immigrating to Canada under skilled worker class need to hold the valid testament of employment experience during the First-Stage evaluation process.

    1. If you are planning to work in Canada temporarily, you can choose Canada work permit. And, if you want to work in Canada permanently, you need to choose Canada Express Entry system.

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