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Want to become a Canadian Permanent Resident? Read to Find out how!

Are you looking to become a permanent resident in Canada? You’re not single. Well over 200,000 individuals become Canadian permanent residents each year. Most applicants wish to get permanent residency in order to t eventually get citizenship, as well as a Canadian passport. There are various Canadian immigration programs under which an individual may apply to become a Canadian permanent resident. The individual must have an intention to make a guaranteed investment with a Canadian bank, or a skill or trade that they intend to exercise as a self-employed person. Once the application is submitted and is also accepted, the foreign national obtains his/her issued permanent resident visa and could immigrate to Canada and may have many of the same rights as Canada citizens. ,

Canada’s permanent residents are entitled to health care, establish their home as well as work in any Canadian province, are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights as well as Freedoms,  and can submit an application for Canadian citizenship once the requirements have been met. Basically, the only difference between a Canadian permanent resident and a Canadian citizen is just the right to maintain a public office, join the military as well as vote. Becoming a Canadian permanent resident is a privilege that may be withdrawn if the person is convicted of a serious offense and therefore is deported.

Another manner wherein a Canadian permanent resident might lose his/her status is by neglecting to meet their residential duty. A Canadian permanent resident is expected to spend 2 years of each five-year period in Canada. If in a port of entry or in a Canadian visa office, an officer is worried that the permanent resident hasn’t fulfilled his/her residency requirement, they could count back five years to verify that the permanent resident spent at least 730 days in Canada. ,

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