Prerequisites for Hong Kong Immigration
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Hong Kong creates a bandwidth of opportunities work and life to planned in a more systematic and efficient manner. If an aspirant wishes to migrate to Hong Kong there are certain specific requirements which needs to taken care of so as get yourself being placed in Hong Kong with the desired job profile.

There are two types of programs which are stated as necessary for Hong Kong Immigration:

  • GEP- General Employment Policy
  • GPT-General Points Test

The above mentioned Hong Kong Immigration Eligibility Criteria are specific as per candidate’s requirement. In this category the candidate should be good fit for any employer in Hong Kong with the matching skills and experience.Apart from this the candidate should be have no past criminal records.You can stay for a period of two yrs. Under GEP which can extended up to two yrs more and further 3 yrs for an extension applied for the second time.

The GPT is points based program that is similar to that adopted by countries like Uk and Australia.The candidate is has to marked under the parameters of language ,educational background,work exposure and age limit which are bucketed into different ranges.

There are several other programs which have been designed for the non local graduates. The IANG -Immigration Arrangements for non local graduates is a program designed for non local students who will/have graduate degree from any Hong Kong university where the candidates can start the visa application within six months left for their graduation. In case the six months have passed since your graduation the candidate has to get a bonafide certificate from a firm to be able to apply under the IANG. The visa & stay permit is for a period of one year initially which can be extended further as per request of stay issued by the employer.

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