India welcomes 7.5 million overseas visitors in 2014

India welcomes 7.5 million foreign travelers in 2014During the year 2014, India has received 7.46 million overseas visitors. That is, it has experienced a surge in tourists count to 7.1% when compared to previous year’s count of 6.97million.

As per the new statistics declared by the ministry of Indian tourism and culture, it was found that overseas tourists of around 877,000 arrived in the nation in the month of December in 2014, which is, 6.8% more than the previous year during the same month.

The United States is one of the key sources for rising in visitors’ inflow to the country during December month with a count of 17.6%, followed by the United Kingdom with a figure of 11.4%, Bangladesh with the percentage of 10.2 and Canada and Australia with the visitors’ inflow count of 4.8 %.

When seen in terms of revenue generated through the overseas nationals inflow to the country is US$19.66 billion which is 6.6% greater than the previous year’s revenue of US$18.45bn.

The Indian government is hoping to maintain this steady growth in tourist count in the coming years by following the new travel-friendly policies that are introduced by Modi’s new existing government. Apart from this, they are also planning to provide this visa-on-arrival facility to many other nations.

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