Attractions in France

France always has something in box for everyone. There are number of tourists’ attractions to visit in France. Much number of foreign tourists’ folk to France every year for a holiday or to work or study. The country holds a special place in every sector when it comes to tourists’ attractions, top universities or job opportunities.

Foreign nationals who are non-EU members must obtain a visit visa in order to enter and explore the beauties of France. France offers many places to see such as beaches, country sides, historic castles, museums, mouth watering cuisines and famous places such as Paris, French Rivera, and Mont Sant Michael and many more.

The country is also known as the most romantic country in the world, as we don’t have to explain why. The country also offers many galleries, beautiful architecture, fine boutiques, fashion greats etc.

  1. Quirky Road Trip Attractions In France

Quirky Road Trip Attractions In France

2. Longchamp Palace

Marseille_LongchampPhoto by: Diego Cupolo, Creative Commons

  3. St Tropez

St Tropez - France
St Tropez by Myosotismail (creative commons)

 4. Gorge du Verdon

Gorge du Verdon Gorge du Verdon by Patrick de Lang (creative commons)

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