Five Facts About US Ranking in Worldwide Immigration

usa-immigrationInternational migration is not a small matter. if entire of the world’s foreign migrants (individuals residing in a nation which is different from their nation) resided in a nation, it will be world’s fifth biggest with 244 million people. The number and shares of individuals leaving or visiting the countries is different from every nation of the globe.

Here are five facts about how US compares with rest of the world’s nations on migration.

1. By a big margin, US has got more immigrants than any other nation in the world.

As of last year, the US has predicted that around 46.6 million individuals are residing in the US were not born in that country. it means that around one in five foreign migrants reside in the US. The immigration population of the US around four times that of the world’s next biggest immigration destination like Germany, with around 12 million immigrants.

Many other nations like the UK, France, and China also got territories and special administrative regions that the UN has treated them as distinct regions and destinations for foreign migrants.

2. The US –Mexico migration corridor is the world’s biggest.

Around 12 million individuals who are residing in the US were born in Mexico, as per estimation from the UN for the year 2015. The migration trends between the two nations are changing. Current estimations are showing that many Mexican citizens are now leaving the US than visiting it. When we compare this to other, the second biggest corridor of Indian citizens residing in the UAE, with around 3.5 million migrants.

3. Compared with other nations getting immigrants, the share of the US population that is overseas born is modest.

Around one in seven individuals residing in the US with 14% were born in other nations. if we compared this with other nations like Canada, around one in five individuals residing in Canada were born in other nations that is around 22%. In Australia, it is three in ten individuals residing in Australia were born in other nations that is around 28%. And in few Persian Gulf nations like Qatar around 75% and the UAE with 88%, majority of the residency populations are immigrants, many of those are actively hired as overseas labor.

4. The immigration population of the US is not as different in origin as those of other nations.

Although US has got immigrants from around the globe, it do not has the most varied pool of immigrants. When compared to other countries like the UK and Denmark, they had got biggest immigrant diversity scores. One in four immigrants in the US visit from one nation, Mexico.

5. US has got less number of immigrants those who had left, than 19 other nations, that includes many with smaller populations.

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