Foreign Students hailing from various corners of the world obtain Australia a beautiful country to live in. Australia reserves great features that attract the migrants from all across the globe such as the stable and open economy, engaging career opportunities and compensation, highly ranked infrastructure, multicultural community, and rather unmissable landscapes. Also, Australia offers an exciting lifestyle that several international students strive to achieve. Some of the principal benefits of Australian Study from Global student’s view are given below:

Additional Points: Students can get additional points for their studies:

  • 5 points for obtaining the 2-year study requirement
  • 5 extra points if they finish 2 years of study in Australian regional area
  • 5 extra points for finishing a professional year in Australia

Graduate Temporary (Subclass 485 ) Visa:

Students may be qualified to appeal for a Graduate Temporary visa (Subclass 485). This visa can last within 18 months and 04 years depending on the qualification type completed, has complete work rights can allow students to gain further points for working in Australia.

Recognized Skills:

Australian qualifications are further likely to be recognized for skills evaluation which is a necessary for applying for Skilled Migration.

The requirement of Australian Study

The principal requirements in attending the two years “Australian Study Requirement” are as follows:

Qualification Type:

You must finish a diploma, degree. Graduate diplomas, Masters, and PhDs are recognized degrees and so may be counted towards the 2-year study condition.

Two Educational Years:

this is described as being minimum 92 weeks as per the C.R.I.C.O.S registration of the programs.

C.R.I.C.O.S Registration:

The courses finished should be on the recommended list of courses for foreign students (C.R.I.C.O.S). There can be problems if your course or educational school is De-registered before the completion of your studies.

16 Month Tenure:

the course needs to take a minimum of 16 months of study in Australia from the commencement of the course until completion.

English Medium:

All direction should be in English. There can be problems with this demand in the case of interpreting/translation qualifications.

Programs that can drive to Australian permanent residency Below Skilled Migration Visa

  • Medical Study
  • Nursing and medical courses
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Education and teaching
  • Trade Jobs
  • Engineering
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