The United Kingdom is a country that is rich in historical context if not diversity.

It is not particularly known for its wide and accepting embrace when it comes to the different peoples of the world, though many immigrants do make their way to England to study, work, and otherwise, interact with the culture.

It is as different a place as any, with its own unique style and sense of self, though it can often be seen how other cultures have influenced the country and even spread that same influence on to other shores. ,

To say that America and the United Kingdom have nothing in common is like saying that a parent and their child have little in common.

The Revolutionary War is still considered to some in England as a “giant temper tantrum”, but there is no denying that both sides saw some benefit when it came to their unique and eventually beneficial dealings with one another. There is a great deal of respect between the two nations no matter that they might view one another in a very different light.

Despite many claims to the contrary, the UK is a land that has benefited greatly from immigrants as well as any country.

Throughout their history, they have benefited from goods, services, and new methods and techniques to everyday life that has been introduced by foreigners. In fact, much of their culture within the past several years has been greatly influenced by immigrants and their beliefs and practices.

It’s very obvious that the UK is about pomp, tradition, and a stern adherence to the culture that is hard, if not impossible, to ignore.

There is something to be said for their rigid adherence to the old ways, but it is also heartening that they have become far more accepting of outside influences as the years have gone by.

Any nation that ignores progress is bound to decline, but any nation that ignores their own traditions and values in favor of that progress will likely fade into obscurity in the same manner.

The UK has, through their demanding and exacting manner, managed to hold onto much of what has made their nation great while at the same time stepping into the modern age.

In spite of their harsh and sometimes impossible immigration practices, they are still a nation that is much in demand when it comes to the many opportunities they can provide.

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