Austria Immigration under Red White Red Card

Are you planning to migrate and work in Austria? Then, Austria red white red card would be the right choice for you to choose. The immigration consultants of Morevisas are always there to guide and assist individuals in their immigration process to Austria. With rare populace and rising work market needs in different sectors, the nation has headed to welcome abroad talented people to relocate to Austria and work over there. At present, the nation is confronting perpetual expertise shortages in different divisions such as social work, manufacturing, health-care, construction and so on. Thus, it offers plenty job openings for overseas nationals to relocate and work in Austria. In the Human Development Index, the nation has an elevated requirement of living and positions 25th rank in the Human Development Index. However, an overseas national who need to work in Austria must acquire a card entitled as Austria Red White Red Card.

Austria Red White Red Card

The federal government of Austria has structured an immigration scheme termed as Austria Red White Red Card, in order to ease Austria migration procedure to third-nation workers and additionally their relatives who means to obtain Austria Permanent Residence visa to settle in Austria forever relying upon the people and also work business related criteria. The related regulations came into power on 1 July 2011.

Austria Red White Red Card qualification criteria

Austria Red White Red Card is issued to remote nationals permitting them to live in Austria for a period up to of twelve months and in addition empowers the card holder to a settled term settlement and occupation by a certain head employer. In order to apply for Austria Red White Red Card, people must belong to any of the following criteria.

• Extremely qualified workers • Skilled workers in shortage occupations • Other key workers • Student Graduates from Austrian colleges and schools of higher education • Self-employed key workers

Austria immigration under Red white red card

People who fit in with aforesaid criteria can seek Austria Red White Red card; however, they have to withstand certain prerequisites to get the Austria Red White Red card effectively. The prerequisites for Austria immigration under red white red card varies for every individual relying upon their qualification criteria. Migration to Austria under Red White Red Scheme is a point based system, where a candidate should get through the points system effectively. For extremely qualified workers 70 points are obliged to move to Austria. For skilled workers in shortage occupations and other key workers 50 points are needed. For student Graduates from Austrian colleges and schools of higher education or self-employed key workers, no points are required.

Why Morevisas?

The immigration consultants of Morevisas are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who aid individuals in their immigration process to their destined country. We have set a benchmark in the immigration industry. Individuals ho approach us gains a complete satisfaction and recommends other to approach us when they are in need.

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