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Australia has always remained the most desirable destination to the foreign travelers around the world. The country is a stable continent with cultural diversity and democratic society. Australia has the strongest economic conditions in the world.

The continent is know the as the largest island and sixth largest country in the world. Most of the foreign travelers are attracted with the culture and lifestyle of the country. The country has become the most happening destination in the world and attracts number of tourists from various parts of the world over a year.

Many foreign tourists visit Australia for tourism, work, and study or live in the country. The country has many tourist attractions and different tourism places for the foreign visitors.

MoreVisas is here to help the clients who want to visit Australia for the purpose of visit. MoreVisas takes care of the entire visa processing and ensure that the clients meet the required eligibility criteria. MoreVisas analyzes the entire documentation before submission. Having its own track record of success, MoreVisas has managed to process thousands of visas.

Travelers who want enter the country for tourism purpose; they should apply for a visa and should know what kind visa is required.

There are two different types of visas:

• Visitor visa
• Tourist visa

Visitor visa is a temporary permit for a traveler who wishes to enter Australia for any purpose.
Tourist visa is for travelers who wish to visit Australia for a holiday or recreational purpose.

Documents for tourist visa:

The traveler is not suppose to provide any original documents unless asked

• Filled application form and fee charges
• Personal documents ( passport, photos, certificates, etc)
• Purpose of visit ( documents regarding the purpose)
• Financial documents
• Employment details
• Health insurance
• Police clearance
• Letter from AusAID minister

MoreVisas Visa Consultancy not only processes the visa, but also provides various tailor made services such as post landing services which is an added advantage for the clients. They take care of every requirement right from airport pickup to finding an accommodation.


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