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Australia is considered as the great destination to live and work across the globe. With strong economy and thriving industry, Australia is attracting everyone who is aspiring to reside and work abroad. The country offers ample opportunities for immigrants and anyone who is interested to work in Australia can take advantage of good pay scale and working conditions. Australia is the best place for skilled professionals holding relevant experience and right skills.

Visiting Australia

Being the land of kangaroos, visiting Australia gives unique experience and one can find wide species of flora and fauna. Famous for its amazing landscapes and picturesque tourist destinations, Australia remains as the perfect destination for tourists.

If you are a skilled worker who is interested to work in Australia, then Australia temporary Work visa (subclass 457) is the right option for you. Australia subclass 457 Visa is for individuals who wish to work in their nominated occupation for their authorized sponsor for a period of four years.

What are the requirements of Australia Temporary Work visa?

The following are the requirements of Australia subclass 457 Visa:

  • Applicant must be sponsored by an approved business
  • You must possess required skills to fill a position
  • Must be sponsored by an approved business
  • Applicant can be in and out of Australia while submitting application

What you are allowed to do?

Successful applicants of Australia Temporary Work visa can work in the country for a maximum period of four years and your eligible family members can work or study in Australia. You can also travel in and out of the Australia.

If you have decided to apply for Australia Temporary Work visa, seeking assistance from MoreVisas is the best option if you want to make your immigration process successful.

The way we assist you

MoreVisas rolled out as the leader in immigration industry and offers expert guidance and assistance with regards to immigration process. Since our inception, we have successfully realized the dreams of thousands of individuals and marked strong presence in the industry.

In order to make you to navigate easily throughout the process, we assist you right from the first stage. We make you understand all the requirements and procedures that are needed for successful immigration process. With us, your immigration process will become easy and simple.


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