Australian skilled independent visa

Australia has world-class immigrant destinations, which is surrounded with multicultural environment, stunning landscapes, crystal clear beaches, welcoming people, modern restaurants, natural parks, peaceful and fantastic climate and many others. An overseas skilled worker willing to enjoy its quality lifestyle as well as employment opportunities must possess valid visa of the country to work or to live in Australia.

There are two types of work visas available for a skilled worker to work in their dream destination such as temporary and permanent work visas. And the permanent work visas are again classified into three main visa classes that would help a skilled worker to reside in the country at a faster pace they are:

  • Skilled – Sponsored
  • Skilled – Independent
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored

Out of the aforesaid visa options, skilled independent visa category is one of the fastest and safest routes to immigrate to your dream destination.

Australian skilled independent visa:

Australian skilled independent visa is a special visa category for skilled worker who possess special skills and abilities and does not hold any sponsorship from an employer, a family member or a state or a territory. Pondering about relocation to this vibrant cultured nation for work or to settle in the country permanently? Do not tarry. Apply for Australian skilled independent visa, which is a pertinent gateway to attain permanent residency.

A skilled worker wishing to relocate to this renowned land of Kangaroos must gain detailed cognizance on its visa options by approaching Morevisas dedicated and focused staff.

Prerequisites to apply for Australian skilled independent visa:

  • Must be under 50 years
  • Should possess sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay
  • Undergo a health check-up
  • Must meet certain character requirements
  • Must be nominated in an occupation that is present in the skilled occupation list
  • Proficiency in English language and many others

We all know that immigration is a process that involves lot of hurdles and pitfalls and overcoming those arduous is a tough task. So support from well-trained and qualified professionals such as MoreVisas is necessary to immigrate successfully.

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