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USA work study program is outlined for international students who aspire to work off-campus with American firms while doing their masters degree in a fully accredited American educational institution. Overseas students who register in USA work study program will be permitted to work in Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program or internships. Under the USA Work study program, students can work for minimum 40 hours each week, depending on the duration of the course. US schools with work-study USA program are allowed to issue work permits for regular off-campus employment for international students.

What are the benefits of USA Work Study Visa?

• No job offer is required • Allowed to work on regular basis on a regular salary and earn an globally recognized masters degree • Easy route to enter the country • Scores of GMAT/GRE/TOEFL are not required • A good opportunity to earn while pursuing studies • Know about US work culture • Gain valuable US work experience

Who is eligible?

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree and who wish to pursue their masters in USA can apply for USA Work Study program. Software professionals who are not able to acquire an H1B visa can lodge application for USA Work Study program.

Education in USA

USA Work Study program is designed to help students gain practical work experience in curriculum-related employment with local US based businesses and corporations. Aspirants who select this route should work as interns from the first semester itself. Besides obligatory internship employment, students are required to take up 12 to 15 graduate courses, depending on the enrolled work study program.


In order to be eligible for USA work study program, you must have:

• Minimum 15 to 16 years of study • A bachelors degree • Sufficient funds to support yourself • Recommendation letter

So, interested and eligible candidates can apply for USA Work Study program with the help of Morevisas. Being into the industry for many years, we offer reliable visa services for aspirants who would like to apply for USA Work Study program. We take care of the entire process and try hard to make your process successful. Our assistance will give you maximum support to get through the process.

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