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Studying in Ireland has grabbed craze among young professionals, and most people prefer to study in this top destination to benefit from its advanced educational facilities, good teaching environment and improved living standards. Ireland is one such country that has something much better to offer for foreign students. Interested candidates who wish to study abroad can go for Ireland to pursue higher education.

Ireland Student Visa

Indian students who wish to pursue their education in Ireland must acquire an Ireland Student visa to enter the country. European Union nationals or European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland citizens have free movement in other member states, and there is no specific requirement to be satisfied by the applicant.

Pre-requisite for students who do not require a visa

Students must hold an acceptance letter from your educational institution since you need to show it at the Ireland’s entry point. And, candidates who are staying in Ireland for over 90 days must register with immigration officials as soon as you enter Ireland.

Pre-requisites for students who require an Ireland Student Visa

Students filing Ireland Student Visa application must satisfy certain requirements such as:

  • Valid passport
  • Acceptance letter from an authorized educational institution acting as a proof that you have been accepted on a full-time course
  • Proof showing that you have paid the course fee
  • Proof that you hold adequate funds to meet your expenses while studying in Ireland. And, applicants are required to prove the Irish government that you or your sponsor must have a minimum EUR 7,000
  •  Private medical insurance

How to register in Ireland?

If you are not a national of EU or EAA or Switzerland and are planning to stay in the country for over three months, then you must register at the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). You will be given a Certificate of Registration and must have the below Documents:

  •  Valid passport
  •  Letter from the Registrar’s office of your educational university stating that you are a registered student and have paid full tuition fees
  •  Student ID card
  •  Medical insurance policy
  •  Sufficient funds

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