An Amazing Place to Visit UK
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Contrary to popular belief, not everything in the UK is so stiff and formal.

They know how to have a good amount of fun, and there are plenty of interesting facts and pieces of history that can entertain virtually anyone. Some of them are a bit out there, but that just adds to the charm, and it lets you know that the UK is very much a fun place to be and not just another stodgy old country.

Few key things of UK

So here are a few key things you might want to know, or might find interesting at least.

  1. This might seem counterproductive, but in England, you have the right to drink in a bar, but you aren’t allowed to get drunk. Also, in Scotland, if you’re drunk and in possession of a cow, you’re bound to be in trouble with the law.
  2. The tube route in London, that travels from Leicester Square to Convent Garden, is one of the most popular modes of transport despite the fact that the distance can be covered quicker on foot.
  3. Despite being the first and largest underground system throughout the world, it is also the most unreliable and among the costliest modes of transportation in the world.
  4. The escalators that convey people up and down day in and day out in the London subways are said to cover a distance that is equivalent to several trips around the globe every week. Just think about how many trips each person must take up and down, up and down, every day.  It kind of boggles the mind.
  5.  An interesting fact about King Richard, or rather his wife, is that she never once stepped on English soil.  Either she was carried everywhere she went, or she was a queen in name only.  Hard to imagine really, being a ruler of a country and doing so without ever having to set foot upon the soil.
  6. It’s interesting to know that the famous Windsor Castle is the oldest royal residence that is still in use. What’s even more interesting is that Buckingham Palace was built over a brothel in 1702. Most likely this is something the royal family would rather keep under wraps, so thank goodness for the internet, right?
  7. You might think that the Queen of England would be able to go anywhere and do anything she wants right? Surprisingly that’s not the case. She might be able to go most anywhere in the country, but she can’t enter the House of Commons for one simple reason, and that’s because she’s not a member.
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